FOOD photographer

I am a professional food photographer based in Bologna, Italy.

Since I was a little boy I knew that cooking would be a great part of my life, and I always looked at food as if it were the best painting of the world. But I had no way of expressing what i saw to others: which flavours connect to which colours, what kind of sensations my brain feels when a beam of light comes through the window and shines upon a plain, simple cookie, giving life to it. 

Until one day, while I was whisking Italian gelato, i had to take a camera and capture the pure essence of its brilliancy, its softness of colour and texture. After that my camera became a strong and inseparable companion in every situations of daily life. 

Failure after failure I finally understood lights and their importance, composing and arranging the scene to reproduce the perfect shot, mastering the look and feel of a dish and working fast before the magic vanishes and it all melts down. 

I collaborate with the blog and i am specialised in cold and fragile dish like ice creams, sweets and beverages.

Let me enlighten your preparations, your personal recipes and creations for magazines, advertisements, blogs, websites.